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Faadia Rahaman Estes

Media capstone portfolio: QU-ICM Masters Program

About Me

I became interested in this masters program after graduating with my bachelors degree from Quinnipiac University in 2010. I began working, outside of my field of Public Relations, but I longed for a job or educational venue that allowed me to be creative and utilize my communication skills.

For the start of the new year in 2011, I quit my accounting job and enrolled full time at Quinnipiac for the masters program. It wasn't long after that I landed a great job that allows me to not only practice, but share my love of technology and communications on a daily basis.

The best part of the ICM program at Quinnipiac is the variation of courses that make up the curriculum. I have had some extremely technical classes that involved MySQL, coding and programming; other classes that involved film & audio production and classes that involved internet ethics and social media management.

I would highly encourage anyone who is looking to go back to school to consider the ICM masters program if they want a creative, technical and innovative program that will help them gain an edge at their current job or switch careers altogether.